Rock in 2015

With 546 CD’s sold world-wide we wanted to give a great big thanks to each and every one of you for your support this past year! Hallmark events were: “Rock n’ Roll Machine,” the promo “Spooky Audio Comic” enhanced CD, the “Frankenbarbie” video release, and performing live with Alice Cooper. Indeed a year to remember. Dan shared: “It was a monumental year from start to finish. Month in and out surpassed my expectation in every way. I can’t express my appreciation enough to everyone.” What’s next? Look for the video release of “Apocalyptic Love” winter / spring 2015!


October Event Recap:

Thanks to everyone who came out for special events during the Halloween season. From officiating a "Zombie Wedding Vow Renewal" on Halloween, to the Emma Crawford Coffin Race Parade, appearances on KKTV 11 and Fox 21 News (check out an off camera recording from the live feed with Fox on the video tab top of page), Dan made plenty of Halloween rounds! Again this year he supported Hellscream Haunted House on air with our friends at KILO radio. Nearly 1,000 limited edition units of the "Spooky Audio Comic" were given out during events all month long. Dan shared: "Somehow we survived the craziest Halloween season yet and made lots of new friends along the way, I appreciate the support and all the positive feedback on the music." Along with the Haunt, Dan was proud to support events at Swan House Manor and Zeezo's in Colorado Springs. Look for a photo log of the events to post here shortly.


Frankenbarbie World Premiere:

The first video release from the new album is set for midnight, September 20th MST. Shot on location at Hellscream Haunted House, the video features Justin Pierce as the guitar playing cyborg and Bunny Bee as Frankenbarbie. The video was produced and directed by Dan and shot on location directed by Cinema Pirate with make-up support courtesy of Zeezo's (Mark Modeer). "Everyone really did a great job on the shoot- Justin did some fantastic fabrication to create his character. It's been years since Judy (Bunny Bee) and I have worked on a project together, so it was a treat to feature her in the staring role!" A limited edition 1,000 unit enhanced CD this October will feature the song and video along with an extra surprise song- stay tuned for details!


Dragontown Dan with Alice Cooper Live Onstage:

On August 2nd Alice Cooper and band rolled into Colorado with Motley Crue for a sold out show at the Pepsi Center in Denver with a surprise... DTD onstage during Alice's finale with "School's Out." Dan was unaware of the invitation until a few days before. He shared, "It took be by surprise, it was a tremendous honor and an incredible experience. I've been asked what it was like to be onstage with the master showman in front of 50,000+ concert goers. The one take away was the shear thunderous power of the audience. You could feel their volume literally sway your body. It's an active stage, especially during that song so I was instructed (and had to be aware) of my space and where I was at all times. There is a reason Alice and the band sustain injuries every tour, it gets crazy up there. When you are on stage with a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame artist it is really something special." Additional thanks go out to Leydi, Pat, Toby, Roxie... and of course Alice for a truly memorable evening.

June 1st release date:

"Rock n Roll Machine" 11 song CD street date has been announced.  The CD will be distributed through Reverse Records. Along with a wild and crazy rock and roll ride musically and lyrically, there will be special packaging on first run pressing. READ MORE    

Rock n' Roll Machine production details:

Recorded, mixed & mastered 2013-2014: BakTrak Studio Colorado Springs with: Dragontown Dan (lead vocals & keyboards), Justin Pierce (guitars), Robert Kent (bass), Trig LaCotta (drums), Arwen Fonzen (guest duet vocals), Philip Rodriguez (saxophone)


Rock n' Roll Machine song line up unveiled

Playing out in a rock opera style storyline, the Rock n' Roll Machine will feature the following original tracks:

1.  Violent Fascination
2.  Runnin'
3.  Guitars, Girls, & Guns
4.  Murder by Numbers
5.   Apocalyptic Love (duet featuring Arwen Fonzen)
6. I Wish it was the 80's
7.  FrankenBarbie
8.  Secondhand Lipstick (Philip Rodriguez/ saxophone)
9.  Thunderhead
10.  The Ballad of Ingrid Cold (instrumental)
11.  Keep your Dreams Alive (bonus track)


Scarecrow Lover Limited Edition package:

$8.99 plus shipping gets you tour bandana and full color CD sticker. (sorry, CD's are sold out!) Ships USPS via PayPal.