David Bradly is the most peculiar members of the band, reminiscent of "Devlin 7" (from Alice Cooper's The Nightmare Returns and Raise Your Fist and Yell tours) David's past is shrouded in a cloak of mystery wrapped in an enigma.

What is known is that he, like Devlin 7, is also a wicked rhythm guitar guru. David's legal agreement with band management forbids him to converse about his past, however some rumors persist amongst the fanbase. One of the most prevalent (and disturbing) is that he first played a string instrument under the tutelage of one Billy Redden (better known as "Banjo Boy") from the famed movie "Deliverance." It is also rumored that David gained his name from a childhood accident as he attempted to use a chainsaw while noodling.

Along with Dragontown Dan, he is also an active member of the band "Sanborn," and moonlights as a solo "mouth harp" performer specializing in bar mitzvah and quinceanera events. He suffers from Aulophobia and collects small, glittery objects. David lives in a gated community in eastern Colorado with his wife, dogs, goats, more dogs, and a many strange memories.