Michael Francis (aka “Mikey”) originally hails from the suburbs of Detroit, Mi where he played bass with the heavy metal band Tyranny in the early eighties. After graduating with his electrical engineering degree from UM, he moved onto So. Cal and joined up with the more pop-oriented Doppelgang.

The mountains of Colorado lured him away from the LA scene and in 1997 he met up with Justin when he joined Third Degree. Justin moved on to play with the hard rockers in Big Heater and Mikey soon followed where they both joined forces with David Bradley to shake up the Colorado Springs bar band scene. Big Heater flamed out in the mid 00’s but the spark for these individuals never died. In 2014, Sanborn rose from the ashes of Big Heater with JP, Mikey, David and longtime mate, Tommy, on guitar.

Now here comes Alice… When Mikey is not playing music he designs and builds high speed, real-time DSP-FPGA applications for SatCom systems.