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Josiah Micheletti

Josiah began playing guitar at 16. He played for a wide variety of bands; from gospel, bluegrass, and ska, to local punk and rock bands. Josiah continued his musical education as an undergraduate and then attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.  He pursued music full time and has been privileged to play with many fantastic musicians and artists over the years. Josiah has a deep connection to playing music and looks forward to continuing to play with other talented musicians and developing his musical career.
Currently Josiah can be found lurking on stage supporting Dragontown Dan.
Josiah has a love for unique and rare guitars. He plays Ernie Ball strings and prefers Dunlop Jazz III picks. He uses MXR, RedWitch, Chicago StompWorks and Dr. J pedals on HoleyBoard Pedal Boards, Peavey ValveKing Amplifiers with Eminence Speakers. He also drinks and knows things.

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