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Justin “JP” Pierce

Justin “JP” Pierce was born December 27th, 1968 in Buena Vista Colorado. He began his love of the guitar at age 9 always bugging his older brother to get the guitar out. Spending hours and hours listening to and picking guitar parts out by ear from records of ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, Peter Frampton and many others, Justin finally started to get the hang of playing.

Years later, the first official band was 3rd Degree based out of Colorado Springs which resulted in one produced CD in 2000. Justin left 3rd Degree after hearing a band called Big Heater who had opened for 3rd Degree on one of their shows. Big Heater played for many years and places along the Colorado front range including the Colorado State Fair, El Paso County Fair, and too-many-to-count times in Benny’s bar on West Colorado. Big Heater recorded and released a 5 song CD called Home Made Jam in 2007 of original music. The band sort of just disolved and Justin began recording and playing guitar in his home studio for a few years.

In 2010, Justin seen an ad on a music website of an Ozzy impersonator looking for a guitarist for his Ozzy/Black Sabbath tribute band. He got the gig and spent the next 3 years playing many shows with We Sold Our Souls which is now renamed to Sweet Leaf based in Colorado Springs. Justin left the band because of health reasons.

Late 2013, Justin was asked by local musician/artist Dan Howell if he would be interested in coming up with some guitar tracks for Dan’s full length original CD titled Rock N’ Roll Machine. Dan also has an alter/ego named Dragontown Dan, the worlds best Alice Cooper imposter/impersonator.

Around mid 2014, Justin joined back up with a couple old friend musicians from the Big Heater days, Mike Philips, Don Howard and Tommy Martinez to form another band called Sanborn. Sanborn began working on original songs and played a couple shows in town. June of 2016 Justin heard that a local venue was needing an Alice Cooper tribute for a halloween show they were putting together and he immediately called Dan Howell to see if Dan would be interested in waking Dragontown Dan from his slumber. The next 5 months, Dan and the band transformed into the best Alice Cooper tribute band in… dare I say in the world.

Justin plays: Gibson and Hardluck Kings guitars. Marshall Amps. V-Picks guitar picks. Justin was a samurai in his previous life.



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