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10/5/2017 Dateline:  Dragontown Dan & Band are thrilled to have Alice cut a radio ad promoting them and this special concert event on Oct. 14th. The band will hit the stage at the Altered Reality Event Center at 4:15pm as part of the Boos & Brews Haunted House and Brewfest. Meet and greet with the band is available for exclusive purchase right here on the .com! (event ticket not included) Dan shared, “It’s a thrill to have Alice mention us in the radio promo (listen to it on 98.1 KKFM). I don’t know of any other living legend in the biz who has done this for a tribute act, we work hard to put on a one of a kind show. The first half of the concert is Alice acted out in his 1960’s-70’s persona, then the second half of the show is an 80’s to now version. I’ve know Alice a long time, and as always, it’s an honor, and this band is hot as hell.” Your ticket to the event also includes hand crafted local beers, along with a 17,000ft haunt by Hellscream and Sinister Haunted House- the #1 rated scariest haunt in the state! Order yout tickets TODAY at: