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Tommy Martinez

After an exhaustive search for a second guitarist that didn’t produce a second guitarist, Tommy has AGAIN stepped up and switched instruments back to the guitar to allow Allan Chase to come in on drums…….resulting in a full cohesive band unit once again!   Whew!   (Little known factoid:  Tommy was one of the original guitar players in the band, but at the time, we couldn’t get a drummer replacement in time so he switched to drums…until now)

As a Colorado Native I Have Been in the music scene for over 25 years. I have worked in projects ranging from country to metal, cover to original, sacred and secular. I have a background in music theory and music composition. I have played all across the front range.

Influence:  Bboys, D.M.B., B.H.T., Metallica, Floyd, Beatles, Souldust, BigHeater, Dragontown Dan,  King George, Cash, Sabbath, John Mayer, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and all the extremely talented musicians that I have ever had the opportunity to create and jam with.

Thank You to my family for the support and willingness to sit through late night jams/ practices and for giving me the courage to put it all out there and let people do with it what they will.  I play drums GUITAR with DTD .


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